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Consider your "sample size.

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For the purposes of this experiment, we might ignore location-specific exemptions, like how some states allow electric vehicles to drive in the carpool lane regardless of the number of passengers. If you are doing an experiment that involves testing or surveying different groups, you won't need to repeat the experiment three times, but you will need to test or survey a sufficient number of participants to insure that your results are reliable.

Analyze Data: Look at the time it took for each container of water to freeze. Communicate Results: Report your findings in the form of a written report as an oral presentation.

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If the results of the experiment supported your hypothesis, it still does not mean that it is definitely proven true, since something besides the hypothesis may have been behind the results.

For example, if you are growing plants, you can put three identical plants or seeds in three separate pots and that would count as three trials.

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In such an experiment you are comparing the experimental groups to each other, rather than comparing them to a single control group. Such a comparison helps insure that the changes you see when you change the independent variable are in fact caused by the independent variable. How clean is a kitchen sink? If you are doing something like growing plants, then you should do the experiment on at least three plants in separate pots that's the same as doing the experiment three times. Your data should be in numbers. You are responsible for supervising your own children. A good way to check the procedure is to ask someone else to read it, and then have them explain how the experiment is to be done. To guarantee a fair test when you are conducting your experiment, you need to make sure that the only thing you change is the independent variable. Send us a note if you have any questions. This trial is referred to as a control group.

You should be able to write the research question in a simple sentence. For the purposes of this experiment, you might decide on a time frame of three weeks.

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Science Project Procedures