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But when I grew up, I reread these stories and began to think about the humanity of the Canaanites. How do we resolve the moral and theological dilemmas presented by these and other texts like them?

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Women were minorities in the Old Testament. Relative to the sinful proclivities of man, the OT book of Judges states, every man did what was right in his own eyes but in doing so they did wrong. This study is more about the kind of war that is acceptable versus unacceptable in His eyes.

In 1 Kingsthe prophets of Baal are described as cutting themselves with swords and spears in worship to their false god.

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This can only be accomplished through the counsel of many. Perhaps for the first time in centuries, a military threat presented real reasons for fear. Because there is a difference distinctly built into giving them different notations, it implies that there are differences between each the Old Testament and the New Testament, whether it is subtle in nature or obvious in nature. Secondly, in gaining an understanding of what kind of wars are acceptable we will examine whether there is a biblical basis for the internationally accepted Just War Theory. Keep in mind we shouldn 't be living under the law of the Old Testament. There is no inconsistency with the Fifth Commandment, either in this matter of capital punishment; by the government today, or in the matter of the theocratically controlled wars of the past. The prophets in the Old Testament are very important. Second, the highland had reached its capacity for sustaining economic growth. Thomas guides the reader to the Psalms and particularly Lamentations 2. Because I have trouble connecting with the stories, the characters are hard to relate with. Admittedly, however, they have drawn attention to scripture that Christians often overlook and are rarely addressed in the pulpit. But it is a very easy question to answer under grace in the New Testament. IV, par.

In fact, all the Scriptures are breathed out by God and are profitable for shaping the Christian life 2 Timothy Without question, Revelation is the most violent book in the New Testament. Robert B.

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Bellicose ideology, on the other hand, appears to be adopted from Canaanite and Near Eastern royal mythology. Keith R.

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