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There is no doubt that, as badly written as this film is, it has a cast that tries very hard It is a movie intended to scare and frighten the audience. Violet tells Caroline that they do not keep mirrors in the house because they see reflections of Cecile and Justify in them. Caroline discovers that Violet is unable to pass a line of brick dust laid across one of the house's doorways, confirming her suspicions.

The servants, Mama Cecile and Papa Justify, were renowned hoodoo practitioners, and were lynched after conducting a ritual with the owner's two children from whom Violet and Ben later bought the house.

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The filmmakers shove their way right past the flagrance of the racial images, as if they'd lost their power to hurt or annoy. And what's to understand? Tweet As I mentally review what happens in "The Skeleton Key," I think there may be a couple of loopholes, but to describe them would betray too much of the plot, which depends on a series of escalating surprises.

It takes place in a creepy plantation house in a gloomy Louisiana backwater during a very, very rainy season.

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Plot[ edit ] Caroline Ellis, a hospice aide, quits her position at a nursing home and is hired as the caretaker of an isolated plantation house in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. And what's the deal with Hoodoo? At a big mansion soiree, the butler, Papa Justify Ronald McCalland the maid, Mama Cecile Jeryl Prescott Salesare caught ''conjuring" on their masters' cute blond tykes, who appear to be having a ball sitting amid certifiable evil.

With strategic use of brick dust, Caroline flees to the attic, calls and Jill for help, and casts what she believes is a protective spell. They travel to a gas station that Caroline previously noted was lined with brick dust, which she was told is a defense against hoodoo; supposedly, no one who means one harm can pass a line of brick dust.

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The Skeleton Key