The importance of the written word

Similarly, we can record our own ideas which will be read by people thousands of years from now, and they too will be transported into our thoughts, place, and time.

The power of the written word of god

In September , the power of the written word was taken to new heights when it was used for survival -- via Twitter. Understanding every emotion Ronsel felt as he was tortured by the KKK. Good writers are good readers, which can translate to them having a satisfactory experience with editing and proofreading, as well. This method served as a means of speeding up the written word. Recording ideas down with the written word, however, has an immortal sense of permanence. By aiding in the recording of people, places, and events, writing allows us to recognize and understand our history and our past. The Importance of Literature and the Written Word by Victoria Tann, Age 17, United Kingdom Artwork by Katie King Along with the rapid development of technology in modern society and the ever quickening pace of daily life, the importance of literature and the written word is often considered to have diminished as the emerging generations become less focused on it. Here are 5 reasons to prove the importance of writing: 1 It is a pivotal form of communication in all walks of life. The incestuous relationship between Oedipus and his mother seemed to be innocent, until the point that the truth was told. The more you write, the more you will see the talent that lives inside of you.

I feel that with every page I read I was absorbing the different lessons that the characters were offering. Sit outside and describe your favorite nature scene.

This has had enormous implications on human development. Kindness and the accepting of others are instilled in children from the early developing year into the teenage years.

the power of the written word

Whether it is finding the strength in vulnerability or the importance of expression, your thoughts and feelings can be transformed by simply taking a pen to paper.

At birth young minds are fresh and ready to be molded by creativity and knowledge; books are one of the many ways to fill this infinite space. And that can make all the difference.

You truly feel the pain of Vera, as she confronts the awful things her husband has done. So we have the message of Jesus and we are to teach it to every creature Matthew ; MarkBy putting down directly our thoughts, stories, and memories, we are creating an immortal record of ourselves and our experiences.

As such, the ideas they convey are clearly laid out, and can always be revisited. For me, this is important. To the everyday person, writing appears to be a very simple activity, just putting one word in front of another to make sentences.

power of words

To a child that makes no sense but to me now at seventeen years old and understanding the time period it took place in and entire plot line.

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Introspection # “The Written Word: Humanity’s Most Powerful Tool”