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On 22 FebruaryWarhol died unexpectedly in a New York hospital following a gall bladder operation.

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Warhol had a streamlined process in producing silk screen prints. Warhol was now established as an internationally famous artist and throughout the s and s exhibited his work around the world.

In another instance, he would only choose a single photo from a set to become a print.

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Blotted-Line Technique During college, Warhol developed the blotted-line technique, which involved taping two pieces of blank paper together at an edge and then drawing in ink on one page. His best-known work, including the soup cans, reflected his views on the banality that he saw in the commercial culture of America. His Rorschachs and Camouflages had no identifiable subject, a notable departure from his earlier works, though they were still immediately recognizable images. It was decided by the family that Andy would benefit the most from a college education. Andy Warhol photographs Liza Minnelli, mid 's Warhol had a lifelong fascination with Hollywood, demonstrated by his series of iconic images of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Warhol had a streamlined process in producing silk screen prints. As a child, Warhol would have seen the richly painted iconostasis during mass and learned about this wall of icons and their role in worship in Eastern Catholic churches. I want to be plastic. The most notable exception to this is his famous Mao series, which was done as a comment on President Richard Nixon's visit to China. A young Warhol was taught silk screen printmaking techniques by Max Arthur Cohn at his graphic arts business in Manhattan. Warhol's first exhibition in an art gallery came in at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. It was first exhibited in at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. Later in his life he had premature baldness and massive scars from gunshot wounds suffered in

His memorial service was held in St. They just go uptown. His father, Ondrej Warhola, was a construction worker, while his mother, Julia Warhola, was an embroiderer. InWarhol created his first pop paintings, which were based on comics and ads.

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