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Children might receive services for many reasons. Section The Importance of a Section Plan If your child needs extra help or accommodations at school, you might be able get help through a Section plan. For accommodations where independence is applicable, there should be no need for teacher assistance when using the accommodation.

The federal Every Student Succeeds Act puts a 1 percent cap at the state level on the number of students who can be assessed in this manner. History end-of-course exams to graduate. A student in grade 5 or 8 who fails to complete the required accelerated instruction cannot be promoted.

They just need to let you know that they are doing the evaluation and its results. Each time a student fails a state assessment, the school district must provide the student with accelerated instruction, which may require participation before or after normal school hours and may include participation outside of the normal school year.

The STAAR system annually tests students in grades and tests high school students via end-of-course exams.

This does not necessarily mean that the accommodation must be used every day during instruction. To graduate under this route, the student must successfully complete the curriculum requirements.

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In nearly all cases, if a student needs an accommodation, 1 the need has to be determined diagnostically, 2 it has to be written into the IEPand 3 it has to be used in instruction throughout the year well ahead of the test.

Examples of accommodations are: Physical changes to the school that are necessary for your child to be able to use the school building, such as installing a wheelchair ramp, handrails, or motorized doors.

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The PNP allows certain accessibility features to be turned on for the test, and if accessibility features are not indicated in the PNP, then the student will not be distracted by unfamiliar features. Accommodations are meant to be based upon evidence, not belief. This data will show whether the student still needs the accommodation or whether it is now unnecessary. Assessments must be designed so that they can be completed by 85 percent of students within two hours, in grades ; or three hours in grades What Is Section ? Source: Education Week. This is great news for your Co:Writer users. This means they must have the same access to learning and activities as their peers without disabilities, if they otherwise qualify. Who Can Get Services?

In this case, the student must be provided with accelerated instruction, even after promotion. The student has used the accommodation often enough that he or she is comfortable using it on the day of the state assessment.

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Assessment Accommodations