Soccer officiating

soccer officials and their duties

The flag should always be switched hand to hand in front of you, below your waist, and not above your head.

The referee also has the power to dismiss a manager from the sideline. Meaning, an official must be open to suggestions and have a willingness to listen and perhaps incorporate those suggestions of their peers into the way they officiate.

soccer officials gear

If the player still insists on being difficult, use a well delivered warning to let them know that you have just about reached the limit of what you are going to take. At the World Cup finalsnew jerseys were introduced that gave officials a choice of burgundy, yellow or white, and at the same time the creation of the Premier League in England saw referees wear green jerseys: both changes were motivated by television considerations.

If you are working a game alone, remember to appoint club linesmen to help you out with balls in and out of bounds. Your local association should also help you make contacts to get games. However, once the coach steps over the boundaries of the game and begins to make his comments personal or abusive, you must deal with it.

Diagonal System of Control The diagonal system of control consists of one referee and two assistant referees. If someone is hollering at you, don't yell back at them. In the interest of health and safety, U.

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Sports Officiating