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why were the beatles so influential

Music was, and still is, a huge connecting factor between the two countries. People all around, especially artists, were influenced greatly by the innovations the album brought to the world of music.

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The 20th century has seen This band reached the pinnacle and forever left their mark not just in the Rock and Roll scene but in the whole music industry. Suicide, alchol equals rock and roll. Before the Beatles became a prominent figure in music, the most popular genres of music were all forms of jazz.

The beatles music history

The remaining members, now called The Silver Beatles returned to Liverpool, where John and everyone were going through a hard time with a pregnant girlfriend. So as we had to get our start somewhere, and so did the Beatles. At this time, the band was noticing that their fan base was prominently made of teenaged female fans. However, the s was considered at a stand still when it came to popular music. I think this was the time when Rock-n-Roll was truly reborn as Rock music. Altschuler analyzes the impact that rock and roll music has made on American culture. This style of suit was adopted from the Mod youth cult, then at its peak in the UK.

This naturally caused massive backlash with the religious conservatives. John Lennon Stumbled upon Paul Mccartney when he was playing at a bar, later asked if he wanted to start a band together. These risks changed the very foundation of society inand gave the youth of this generation something to call their own.

Beatles musical legacy

How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Chart performance and sales[ edit ] Album sales benefited from a rather significant wave of Beatles nostalgia that was taking place during the summer of It is done so by introducing the quote that stared the problem that was said by John Lennon. It was all uphill from there. Music was, and still is, a huge connecting factor between the two countries. But what of the musicians that strummed to the beat of life, in all of its colors, in all of its glories and …show more content… The Beatles also contributed a new found influence to musicians of all genres. The genre had a unique beginning because it was the combination of jazz, gospel, blues, and western country music. Music was, and still is, a huge connecting factor between the two countries. The arrival of The Beatles not only changed the times and music but also a changed norms and ideas. The music was often played at a high volume as well.

The Beatles created frenzy in the U. Their music was said to have driven that younger generation mad.

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This essay is about the history of Rock and Roll and how it changed society.