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This is a resultant of the pool of vehicles, numerous generating set and house hold use of this fuel which has escalated over the years.

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Building and maintaining strategic alliances with car distributors and other industry related business partners; Adopting a customer- and market-focused sales and marketing paradigm; and, Managing the business by implementing, and consistently measuring and adjusting the fundamentals to ensure our processes ensures the desired results. Competition Nigeria being a mono economic country, the petroleum sub-sector is highly competitive. Sc in Business Administration and Management and he has well over 15 years of experience in the service industry. The total number of attendants you employ will depend on the number of pumps you have and other services you offer e. There re different categories of petrol stations in Nigeria depending on what they re offering. As far as petrol station is concerned, power supply is non stop throughout the the day, even when the business is closed for the day. You are in charge of marketing your brand, therefore you have to do some forms of advertising which cost money as well. Maintain a midrange gross margin throughout the first 3 years of operation. They would work in shifts, one person at a time. Basically, your Petrol Filling Station has to be along the major road so that passing vehicles could easily have access to the facility. The business will need at least three underground storage tanks, one for each product petrol, kerosene and diesel. We therefore highly recommend it for funding and implementation. The criteria to look out for in selecting a Location are accessibility, nearness to major roads or highway, space to accommodate the business. You are in charge of drafting out and developing your business policy and trade terms. Outstanding customer service.

There is also plan to have a mini mart for the sale of sundry items that may be required by travelers. The profit is bountiful and guaranteed. Besides, standby generator is one of the requirements for approval.

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Manager: the manager is the highest in rank in the filling station. The size of the bungalow depends on the owners choice. Our mission is to become the recognized leader in petroleum products retailing in Nigeria through the provision of unrivaled customer services. They re the main energy sources for powering automobiles. However, establishing the business brand and expanding the horizon depends solely on management or owner advertising and commercials scheme. You must have your own tanker that will be transporting your products or you deal with haulage company which will cost money and delay sometimes in delivering the products. Attendants You will need 2 petrol attendants for each pump, they would be shifting between them, one person at a time. The fixed capital investment will cost N,,, while the working capital expenses is estimated at N80,, on the start-up period. You will need to find that out using property Agents. Making your business known, establishing your brand and expanding your horizon depends solely on your advertising scheme. The analogue pumps are outdated.

Usually, petrol storage tank is very big to have a large stock because it sells fast. If your intended location is by the double lanes express-way, make sure the proposed land for your petrol station is close to a U-Turn or round about.

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They use the analogue counter to dispense fuel. We can help you write a detailed, strong and winning business Plan for any use.

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