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I pray that my son finds this passion, no matter what it is! By then, you can slowly turn back to the sport you have always played with great pleasure.

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All the philanthropic work he does, the way he takes care of his body, his work ethic and the way he leads his team is just a joy to watch and hear about. I liked those sports for awhile, but I never really loved them. Once we reach what we are striving for, it feels great for a moment. It is not about how hard you get hit, but it is about how hard you can get hit and keep getting up, how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. However, if you have the chance, go over to the nearest location where a basketball court is accessible. He is an inspiration to every Canadian. Will it be music? Will it be Art? December 03, Justin Allen I have been thinking a lot about the idea of Passion.

When you get bored, try to spend a little time to hold the ball. One who was able to do the things that the smaller players did. Will it be Art?

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I will always always love basketball and it will always be one of my passions, coaching has become my passion, and now I have found a new Passion. Once I get some money and buy that streak, the Pain is over. I want to sign him up for Baseball, sign him up for guitar lessons, sign him up for swimming, for Lego classes, for computer design, For reading clubs……it can go on and on. There are so many amazing things about the game. They have the regret and for them it is to late to go back to college and play ball. Basketball has given me the chance to become its best friend, and I will always admire basketball for what it has done to change my life and what it has done to always stay by my side. You can utilize your backyard if you have the space. And nothing is more comforting than knowing that you have a team that is your family and will stick with you through thick or thin. From the second I started coaching young athletes, I found the same passion in coaching. Then about 6 years down the road the same kids are telling stories of : I had an offer here, I could have played here, if I would have played here I would be playing still, etc etc etc. Once we reach what we are striving for, it feels great for a moment. Just play and enjoy the game end enjoy what you are doing. Make new friends through basketball.

Before eighth grade, I didn't think that I would ever be so passionate about a sport or that I would find anything that drives me like basketball does. I tell them basketball is not just a game, it is more than a game. At this point, you have to do a lot of thinking until you get to the moment that you have decided what it is that you really want.

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They would have to tell me to come in at night, and they would have to hide my basketball when it started storming to keep me from going outside and shooting. Invite friends to go out and play basketball for fun. If we have found our Passion, what stopped us from going after this? It is there forever. Nothing gives you a rush like when you or a teammate hits a buzzer beater shot for the win. Facebook Logo. I have lost almost games.

Or, if you have an invitation to watch ball games, acknowledge that invitation. I knew that if I worked hard and gave myself to the game that I would have success. Think about what you want to do to bring back the energy inside you.

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