Morality in the novels

The beautiful is to knowledge what the good is to desire. Unlike Triumph of the Will, whose obvious main pur- tions stating scientific laws, which we consider false, far more readily than we pose is to further an obnoxious moral and political agenda and cannot but inspire do that of moral principles which we reject. No, we would not. Maybe works serve less fre- Why should we resist merely imagining subscribing to a moral perspective quently as vehicles for assertions about "factual" matters than moral ones. A person who objects to imagining that the Holocaust was a hoax, or perhaps including the narrator accept moral principles with which we disagree, that Abraham Lincoln was secretly a slave trader, may be unable or unwilling without its being fictional that they are true. Antony and Cleopatra is a good tragedy because it offers a just representation of human experience: Shakespeare does not manipulate either the characters or events that he portrays in order to fit them into a preconceived ideological framework. Literature must either be banned or rigorously controlled according to standards imposed upon it from without, lest it sweep away social order in a tide of romantic emotion.

I have said that I am not a moralist. Fundamentalists believe that individualism has gone too far—that the notion of personal good has trumped a sense of responsibility to the larger group.

In my dark heart I hated those boys. A friend asks if she regrets her part in its annihilation. We still need an explanation of why we should resist allowing fictional worlds Is it difficult or impossible, for those of us who abhor slavery and genocide, to differ from the real world with respect to the relevant kind of dependence to imagine engaging in these activities to be morally proper?

moral fiction meaning

We need only consider the process of translation: scholars will argue endlessly over the ultimate meaning of, say, Don Quixote, but we can distinguish between accurate and inaccurate translations. But why? He is large, he contains multitudes. When people speak of intuition they seem as a usual thing to mean some sudden leap in the dark, some instantaneous flash of enlightenment.

Morality in the novels
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Literature and Morality