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See the section on introduction to academic writing for more. Was it a result of equipment? If the amount of introductory material seems to be a lot, consider adding subheadings such as: Theoretical Principles or Background. The independent variable is on the X-axis. The main purpose of writing a lab report, of course, is not to contribute to the knowledge of the field; but to provide you the opportunity for learning. Leave the remainder in an appendix. The date the lab was performed or the date the report was submitted. Review relevant literature to justify your hypothesis. Analyze the strengths and limitations of your experimental design. In the calibration, the potentiometer's initial voltage was measured.

Leonhard Center, Penn State. Sometimes an introduction may contain background information, briefly summarize how the experiment was performed, state the findings of the experiment, and list the conclusions of the investigation. Points will be deducted for these, as well as for missing units and failing to follow the outline i.

The residuals of the data determined whether the assumption of constant acceleration was valid. Because calibrations are considered standard, you can assume that your audience will have access to many details such as possible arrangements of the valves and tubes.

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Much here depends upon your experiment and the purpose of your laboratory report. Because of time constraints, your instructor might allow you to include "informal" appendices with calculations and supplemental information.

Data Numerical data obtained from your procedure usually is presented as a table. As each mass dropped, the oscilloscope collected the potentiometer's voltage versus the time.

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