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Email This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. A study with two chickens suggested otherwise. Customers often make decisions on product quality based on pricing, so marketers must understand the product's pricing strategy as they develop their message. However, people who examined products while standing on the same plush carpet judged items that were close by as less comforting. When they have to explain the choice, the choice may change completely because the rational mind is involved. Pack your first offer with value and make it as easy as possible to buy. To learn more about rational and irrational thinking, check out our articles on System 1 and System 2. Customers are no longer relying on single sources.

Most of our preferences are learned and formed by social norms and expectations. For marketers, this means that the easier it is to understand an offer, the more likely people are to buy it. Understanding and comparing different cell-phone plans is a pain.

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Raghunathan suggests that the earlier you can make an emotional connection, the better. When they have to explain the choice, the choice may change completely because the rational mind is involved.

Even as social media purchases continue to increase—nearly half of survey respondents in had made a purchase directly through Facebook—a full third of the market had yet to buy via social media. Marketers must know if the product is to be sold as a luxury item or as an affordable alternative. People make instant decisions with their subconscious. Then the scientists re-did the study with a different, but still statistically representative, group. Takeaway: Make every aspect of the decision to purchase as simple as possible. Even though social media and the Internet rule, customers make purchase decisions using a combination of old media, new media, and conversations with friends and family. What is even more interesting is that people who claim that emotions are not that important, who consider themselves to be really rational, are actually more prone to fall into this trap. Yes, our preferences evolve as society evolves. Emotions rule in all areas of buying behavior. Get the complete guide to conversion optimization.

Why people love to buy unlimited plans. This translates online as well.

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The plan explains how the product will include features that customers want and need and why the product should not retain features that turn off customers.

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Purchase Decisions: 9 Things to Know to Influence Customers