Juror 3 says that everybody deserves a fair trial does the defendant get a fair trial in this case

The next day all the jurors, including the one who had complained, sent the judge a letter strongly disputing the allegations of racism and assuring him they would decide according to the evidence.

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At this point, the jurors who believed the defendant was not guilty worked together to prove to the one opposing man that justice would only be found if they returned a verdict of not We started off the production by choosing who the director would be.

Juror 8 insists on looking at the facts in the case even though everyone else has already got their mind made up.

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Initially, the blind prejudice obscures the pathway to the truth. For hundreds of years, countries have developed constitutions and other documents in place to form justice for those within the country. Juror 8 points out some inconsistencies and slowly some of the jurors start to understand his point of view. Organising jury summonses obviously also costs money — in postage if nothing else! Without juror number eight, however, the outcome most assuredly would have been different. According to the European Court of Human Rights, Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the fair trial rights apply to all civil rights and obligations created under domestic law and therefore to all civil proceedings see Apeh Uldozotteinek Szovetsege and Others v. Firstly, this is why we have 12 jurors. Mr Sander, British born but of Asian origin, stood trial with two other Asians on charges of conspiracy to defraud. The Right to a Fair Trial is recognised internationally as a fundamental human right and countries are required to respect it. The judge kept the juror who sent the note apart from the others while he investigated. Rose starts of the play with the judge stating the duty of the jurors, and that they have to come up with a unanimous verdict. Or, at least, that most juries would decide not to convict in those situations on which there is some disagreement. The scene is composed of two rather small rooms, one with windows that overlook the downtown area and the second room is a restroom.

Is this the case? He is patienttolerant and thinks about reasonable doubt. Where a society is particularly divided, then, a fair jury might well be highly unlikely in reality.

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That may be taken simply as a sign that the legal system is too complex though; would we rather just leave justice to the middle class? Rose represents juror 8 as the protagonist and the hero of the case.

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The story of 12 Angry Men is simple but none the less relevant even today. The arguments above are about as old as jury trials, and they seem not to have had too much of an influence on the fundamental principle that every person deserves a jury of his or her peers.

At the beginning, eleven of the twelve jurors voted guilty.

Fair trial in criminal justice system

These men have the unthinkable decisions of whether a suspected murderer is given the death penalty or able to walk free. All the jurors are convinced of his guilt - all, that is, except juror 8. This paper will discuss the different elements of group dynamics and how they relate to group cohesion and their effectiveness. The subtle force and confidence that he displayed allowed the narrow minds of the other eleven jurors to be broadened. As the play goes along it is revealed he has a personal connection with what has happened, he feels anger towards his own son, an anger which he has transferred onto the accused. Words: - Pages: 5 Twelve Angry Men Theodora Dallas was jailed for telling her fellow jurors that she had discovered online that the defendant had previously been convicted of rape. The case should have been a slam dunk, yet one man Juror No. I think because in the class work we have done he has shown really good initiative. Some are more likely to be pointed out as prejudice, and others are more focused on reaching fair justice. Relational characteristics of group dynamics Group formation Levi, states to become more effective, teams should address several issues when first formed. In Twelve Angry Men, a play and movie written and directed by Reginald Rose, justice is by far the most significant idea presented. The 3rd juror is the most outspoken about the 'guilt' of the teenager. The scene is composed of two rather small rooms, one with windows that overlook the downtown area and the second room is a restroom. In the hands of the jurors lies the fate of a young man accused of stabbing his father.

The Geneva Conventions however guarantee that anyone charged with a war crime or other crime must get a fair trial.

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