Junk food american crisis

With the top cause of poor health largely ignored, is it any mystery that obesity, diabetes and related conditions are at epidemic levels, while health care costs and premiums skyrocket?

article on fast food

Twelve percent said it will take work from both individuals and the community. Current U. They also discovered that the percentage of adults eating fast food got bigger with the more income they earn. In the current environment, it's difficult to exercise that personal responsibility, said Jeff Levi of the nonprofit Trust for America's Health, which has closely tracked the rise in obesity.

His favorite junk food: No surprise, Doritos. Foods that can be mass-produced and aren't perishable like potato chips, candy and sugar-sweetened drinks are prime culprits.

fast food culture in america

They try. All rights reserved. For exampleaccording to our calculations, a national program to subsidize the cost of fruits and vegetables by 10 percent could savelives over 15 years, while a national 10 percent soda tax could save 30, lives.

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