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Job descriptive index technique is used for measuring

Some theorists conceptualize job satisfaction JS as the positive emotional reactions and attitudes toward one's job. Design The study design was that of a whole population cross-sectional survey. The strongest of these correlations was between "Interpersonal Relationship" and "My Work Itself", and the weakest was between "Salary" and "Commitment". Educational and Psychological Measurement, 52 3 , — Journal of Applied Psychology, 87 1 , 14— The target population was all the academic faculty of the five colleges of the University of Dammam [U0D]. By duration of service in U0D, Some are single-item measures, [6] others have varying numbers of items. By colleges, The highest one was 0. Recommendation: To replicate these findings in larger multicenter samples of academic staff. Academy of Management Journal, 29 3 , —

The first part contained basic demographic and professional data including sex, age, nationality, academic degrees, college, department and duration of service at the University.

Two factors contained nine items each, three factors contained five each, and the remaining three factors contained four each. Academic job satisfaction questionnaire: Construction and validation in Saudi Arabia. The second part contained 46 items, one of which was an overall judgment about one's own JS, and the remaining items subdivided into eleven putative JS domains.

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Abstract Background: Colleges and universities are becoming increasingly accountable for teaching outcomes in order to meet rigorous accreditation standards. Google Scholar Jung, K. Conclusion: The AJSQ demonstrated good overall psychometric properties in terms of construct validity and internal consistency reliability in both the overall sample and its separately analyzed subgroups.

normative measurement of job satisfaction in the us.

The responders were Equivalence of psychological measurement in heterogeneous populations.

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Job Descriptive Index