Jack london one of americas greatest writers

But what projects The Call of the Wild towards immortality is London's urgent and vivid style, and his astonishing identification with the world he's describing.

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He was inspired to embark on his dog story as a means to explore what he saw as the essence of human nature in response to a wave of calls to American youth urging a new start for the turn-of-the-century generation. Recent scholarship based upon firsthand documents challenges this caricature.

Among many adventures, in extremis, Buck saves Thornton from drowning, but when his master is killed by Yeehat Indians, he gives in to his true nature, answers the call of the wild and joins a wolf pack: "Man, and the claims of man, no longer bound him.

They were unthinkable to me until I saw them, and I was no spring chicken in the ways of the world and the awful abysses of human degradation. The Bonds, especially Hiram, were active Republicans. London's books happen to be read for most grade schools in America.

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Released through the personal intervention of President Theodore RooseveltLondon departed the front in June It would take a deep plummet to reach bottom in the Erie County Pen, and I do but skim lightly and facetiously the surface of things as I there saw them.

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Jack London: Novels and Stories