Influence of 16th century society on

17th century

The patriarchal values of the Elizabethan times regarded women as the weaker sex. Often they lived with relatives but they had to work long hours to support themselves. Very often in the countryside the housewife also made the families candles and their soap.

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In the 16th century some upper class women were highly educated. Any one who challenged the mandated form of religious worship faced persecution by both church authorities and the government that supported the church.

However, most women were housewives and they were kept very busy. Athough the peasants and more marginal classes of people were struggling, the middle class was growing and generally becoming more powerful.

15th century

China evacuated the coastal areas, because of Japanese piracy. By the population in most areas of Europe was increasing after two centuries of decline or stagnation. Enclosure brought about a modern idea - the private ownership of land.

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The cavalry was usually armed with wheel lock pistols and sabers. Many people may not realize that the great sport of wrestling was established so long ago. Although humans had been migrating to different areas since they could walk, it was these voyages that opened up the entire world to all people. It tells us that immigrants to America came from diverse social, religious, economic, and political backgrounds. Only if a land worthy of economic exploitation was found would it be colonized. Those who worked for wages were associated with servility and were not believed to be free. Disease was rampant. Life in 14th, 15th, and 16th Century Europe was characterized by a social, political, and economic inequality; a fragile good supply and famine; poor health and living conditions; an uncertain economy; overpopulation; dangerous standards of living; child victimization; intolerance of those who were different; religious strife; and warfare. He returned to Wittenberg in and continued to preach the first Protestant religion known as Lutheranism. During the 17th century England became steadily richer.
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16th Century Essay