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ASL and other sign languages have all the same structural underpinnings that spoken languages do.

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For example, an economy is made up of organisationswhich are made up of peoplewhich are made up of cells - all of which are complex systems.

The Structure of Language All languages have underlying structural rules that make meaningful communication possible. Organ Systems of the Human Body. Understanding how language works means reaching across many branches of psychology—everything from basic neurological functioning to high-level cognitive processing.

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Speech sounds make up phonemes, which make up words. Language shapes our social interactions and brings order to our lives.

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Gregory Bateson played a key role in establishing the connection between anthropology and systems theory; he recognized that the interactive parts of cultures function much like ecosystems. Each organ performs one or more specific physiological functions. As a result, we have seen a plethora of conferences, white papers and "units" emerge as both public and private sector organisations scramble to work out how this new knowledge can be ethically and effectively applied.

Relationships contain feedback loops Both negative damping and positive amplifying feedback are always found in complex systems. Relationships are non-linear In practical terms, this means a small perturbation may cause a large effect see butterfly effecta proportional effect, or even no effect at all.

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Why humans are complex organisms(1F)