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Use bolding, italics, underlining, and capitalized words to highlight key information. We have the industry's leading GRE prep program. If you have not officially authored or co-authored any text publications, include studies you assisted in or any online articles you have written or contributed to that are related to your discipline or that are of an academic level. In this section, be sure to list the school you attended, dates of attendance, and the degree s you earned. Have someone proofread it. The more information you can present to admissions committees to show your readiness for graduate-level work will raise your value as a candidate. Here are some reasons why now is an ideal time to create an academic CV: Scholarship Applications—many college and university scholarships require candidates to include a CV in addition to filling out an application form. Use reverse chronological order to list your experiences within the sections. Education This is a list of the institutions you have attended. Admissions committees look for growth and improvement in their future students. Short, simple sentences that begin with an action verb are a great way to go. In fact, they might even stop reading after the first page.

Tip: Use formatting appropriate to your field of study to cite the conference. For each publication, include the title of the work, where and when it was published, and any other coauthors. If you have published work, separated the various kinds of publications into sections for journal articles, reports, and other documents.

Research Experience As with teaching experience, research experience may be rare for first-time grad school applicants.

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Follow these section-by-section details to craft an academic CV that will impress any admissions committee. Try our 5-day full access trial for free: Get a great GRE score.

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If you do this, just make sure everything stays consistent and easy to read. Include any Latinate honors or distinctions here as well i.

Want to improve your GRE score by 7 points? Even when a graduate program does not explicitly require you to submit a CV, if the school DOES allow you to upload this document, according to many college and university counselors and admissions expertsit is almost always a good decision.

Include the institution, the nature and duties of the position, the name of your supervisor, and the dates of your research. Include page numbers on each page followed by your last name as a header or footer.

Header At the very top of your resume, you should include a nicely-formatted header with some basic information about yourself, the same way you would with a resume for a job. Briefly describe the content of your presentation. From a form standpoint, note that the writers did not constrain themselves to one page, and that they spread material evenly over multiple-page documents, providing the page number and name of the writer on those pages after page 1.

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4 Successful Graduate School Resume and CV Examples • PrepScholar GRE