How to write a good directors statement template

Hubert Selby Jr. Themes What is the main theme of your film?

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Andrew Mack, editor for Screen Anarchysays: "A director's statement is about what inspires someone to make a movie and what they desire to convey with their audience We know it can be tempting to look for resume examples on the internet, then try to model your own after them.

The director wants to, in this statement, express their inspirations and ambitions - generate some excitement about this potential project. Just the ones you think relevant.

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Some came from the headlines we face every second of every day, some came from the endless buzzing of notifications on our smartphones, some came from living through the blackout of Hurricane Sandy in downtown Manhattan, some came from my heart, some from my gut. Always look to the bright side of things, right? I tried to give enough history but not too much, and I questioned myself constantly in this regard. A mystery thriller neo-noir film that makes you feel just a little bit sick to the stomach? It was important to me that the audience not go numb in the watching of this film, or to be so torn up that they shut down and stopped listening. It becomes something else which is hard to explain or describe. When the review came out he concluded it with some information that he would have got only by reading the Director's Statement included in the press material. There will probably be a lot more underlying themes in your film, and these make up the subtext section of your project. Writing it out to present is so much more concise and efficient and productive then just having it bottled up in your head, to then blurt out to your cast and crew and hope they can comprehend it all. Is it a modern-day horror? Get out of the box.

My friend Maggie Mackay, executive director of Vidiotssays "When I was programming festivals, Director Statements and other supplemental materials didn't play into my programming process. Within a year we were rolling cameras. One of the things I felt strongly about in the making of City of Joy is that I wanted this film to have its own language, both tonally and structurally.

How to write a good directors statement template

I worked a lot with sound and music and the interaction of these elements. Is there a director who may soon retire? I saw the war as a sort of character of its own that we revisit throughout the film, learning bits and pieces each time. Musings and thought collections of a low budget, ultra-low budget and no budget filmmaker -- independent film production in a new economy. Either way, you need to get your name out there during the hunt for a new job. Marketing For marketing once the film is done , you will include a Director's Statement in application material for festivals, or in press material for the film's marketing. This could include the technical aspects of a film, such as framing and focus, as well as the practical ones—i. When my husband and I adopted her from China, we had no idea what lay ahead. While it may be hard to stay positive during the struggle, it is important that you do. Remember, you're a storyteller, so this is just another form of storytelling. If I am not the chosen director, then at least I learned to storyboard and writer a proper vision statement, which will undoubtedly help me on my future endeavors. I wanted to make a film that allowed audiences to feel what I felt when I first went to Congo — the tremendous strength, vitality and commitment that these individuals had to each other and to imagining a future for themselves and their country.
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