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When using humor, you really need to know your audience and understand what they will find humorous.

Self introduction speech examples

You may even want to write your thesis statement before you even begin conducting research for your speech. This article will help you write speeches of introduction, both self introductory speech and speeches about others and also provide examples of the two types. However, you would need to explain to your audience your passion for collecting Three Stooges memorabilia and how this has made you an expert on the topic. An overgeneralization occurs when we classify everyone in a specific group as having a specific characteristic. If this is the case for you, you need to know exactly what you are planning on talking about in order to fit within specified time limitations. Using your thesis statement, you can select only the information that 1 is directly related to the thesis and 2 can be arranged in a sequence that will make sense to the audience and will support the thesis. You could use a humorous anecdote, quotation, or current event. If your basic topic is too broad, you will never have a solid thesis statement or a coherent speech. If you do not wield the sword carefully, you can turn your audience against you very quickly. To make a cleaner topic, a speaker needs to narrow her or his topic to one specific area.

Her passionate dedication to promoting public speaking as an important component of empowerment is inspiring. After suffering for years with the disease of obesity, I decided to take a leap of faith and get a gastric bypass in an attempt to finally beat the disease.

John Smith, you need to explain who Dr.

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In this example, the third sentence here explains that the attention-getter was an anecdote that illustrates a real issue. In this section, we are going to explore the five remaining parts of an effective introduction: linking to your topic, reasons to listen, stating credibility, thesis statement, and preview.

A good introduction provides a clear framework for your message, and it makes the audience want to hear what you have to say. By the way, for those of you who are too young or not worldly wise to have heard of Adams, he was an environmentalist and photographer, who took brilliant photographs of the Yosemite National Park in America.

And for the past five years those are the numbers I have been trying to better.

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How to Write a Good Introduction to a Speech