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More than 5, policemen responded by entering nightclubs armed with truncheons and assaulting patrons.

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The following night, thousands of people flocked to Castro Street to celebrate what would have been Milk's forty-ninth birthday.

During the s and early 70s, he became more actively involved in politics and advocacy and he demonstrated against the Vietnam War. A novice politician with little money, Milk lost the election, but the experience did not deter him from trying again.

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A contemporary New York Times story about O'Horgan described Milk as "a sad eyed man—another aging hippie with long, long hair, wearing faded jeans and pretty beads". This time, even The San Francisco Chronicle endorsed him for supervisor. Milk's agenda Several key themes characterized Milk's successful campaign as well as his short career as a city official. For themselves, for their freedom, for their country Reproduced by permission of the Corbis Corporation. Given the hatred directed at gay people in general and Milk in particular—he received daily death threats—he was aware of the likelihood that he may well be assassinated. He was fired from his job later that day.

The city suffered property damage and police officers retaliated by raiding the Castro, vandalizing gay businesses and beating people on the street.

He had known since high school that he was gay, and even in the wake of an emerging gay rights movement, the deliberate and careful Milk chose to remain on the sidelines.

Milk tried to keep his early romantic life separate from his family and work. White had resigned his post just months earlier, and had unsuccessfully asked that he be reinstated. Milk ran against the Democratic party on the campaign theme "Harvey Milk versus the Machine.

He complained that the prevailing gay political establishment, particularly the Alice B. Come out to your parents, your relatives. A former Marine who had been walking by grabbed her arm as the gun discharged toward the pavement.

Harvey Milk believed that government should represent individuals, not just downtown interests, and should insure equality for all citizens while providing needed services.

Even after they moved in together, Milk wrote Campbell romantic notes and poems.

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Kennedy and abolitionist Sojourner Truth. Using the gay community as his voting base, Milk sought to develop an alliance with other minorities in the city. Once there, Moscone again refused to re-appoint White, and White shot the mayor twice in the chest and twice in the head. He lost that race, but emerged from the campaign as a force to be reckoned with in local politics. In his trial for the killings, White's attorneys employed what came to be known as the Twinkie Defense. Many people left flowers on the steps of City Hall, and that evening 25, to 40, formed a spontaneous candlelight march from Castro Street to City Hall. In San Francisco, his life and outspoken politics evolved even further. He reconsidered his approach and cut his long hair, swore off marijuana, and vowed never to visit another gay bathhouse again. At the same time, his overall world view began to move away from the mainstream, or what is typical, and toward a more left-leaning one. You talk about how you're gonna throw the bums out, but how are you gonna fix things—other than beat me? Citation Information. In he moved with his new partner, Scott Smith, back to San Francisco, where the pair opened a camera shop on Castro Street, in the heart of what was becoming the city's gay neighborhood. For once we can show that gays do heroic things, not just all that ca-ca about molesting children and hanging out in bathrooms. That night, a crowd of thousands spontaneously came together on Castro Street and marched to City Hall in a silent candlelight vigil that has been recognized as one of the most eloquent responses to violence that a community has ever expressed.
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Harvey Milk's Major Political Accomplishments