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Furthermore, these files can also be uploaded on drive easily for security. Price: Free Download 2. Though taking handwritten notes on an iPhone or Mac is less than appealing, being able to quickly pull up any entry is a wonderful option, and fast zooming means that even the smallest of handwriting is easily legible on smaller iPhones — plus, a Mac version is on the way.

Paper types in GoodNotes are broken down into categories. Another feature that might win users over is a dark mode. And oh, you will also track how your little genius is going ahead with the task!

convert handwriting to text ipad

Double-tapping on any handwriting can automatically convert it to text, and a variety of tools are focused on correcting the hand-written text to be more easily parsed scribbling out letters erases them, lines between letters joins them or moves them further apart.

A drag-and-drop function allows images from other apps to be copied into your notes, regardless of the file format used. It is a wonderful app to make the work easier and take notes quickly and in a different way.

This app is also divided under some stages to check the progress of the child. In addition to supporting over languages, it allows easy input of ideographic lettering and voice, and recognizes emoji-style drawings. These apps come with a variety of writing tools which is helpful in enhancing the handwriting.

Now, read more to know about these apps in a better way. Instead, it's focused only on working with PDF files, not least annotating, highlighting, or signing them.

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Best Handwriting Recognition Apps