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Through his characters, he not only captures a snapshot of middle class and upper class American life in the s, but also channels a series of criticism as well. The upper-class couple, Tom and Daisy, represent the old money going downhill, while Gatsby as a self-made man represents the new money that wants the equal social status to that of the upper class.

New Money In the novel The Great Gatsby, there is a role of new money and old money, not a new form of currency, but those who are new to wealth, and those who have had it in their families for a long time.

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In different periods of its history, society has a different attitude to the rich class. My house was at the very tip of the egg, only fifty yards from the Sound, and squeezed between two huge places that rented for twelve or fifteen thousand a season.

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Society most-likely judged him because he lived in a small ugly house. He uses the newly wealth he has to do this, which he obtained from a life of crime, in the bootlegging business. Fitzgerald essentially wanted people to reconsider their way of living. The old money knows how to handle their money, but being so used to that wealth are extremely selfish, and come off to be worse people, like Tom and Daisy Buchanan.

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Any subject. The distinguishing between east and west egg is the best way that Fitzgerald describes the difference in wealth. West Money In the Great Gatsby, money is one of the majors themes in the book. They're both never satisfied, and cheat on one another. Gatsby comes from a humble background, but he decides early in his life that he wants a different life for himself and his aspirations are similar to the concept of the American dream. Fitzgerald along with the other authors of the Lost Generation wanted to change that and conveyed their message through their novels. Through Jay Gatsby, Fitzgerald demonstrates the Jazz Age, someone who has worked hard and profited from listening and responding to the demands of the society. First, there are people like the Buchanans and Jordan Baker who were born into wealth. Here, neither Gatsby nor Daisy feel somewhat guilty about the infidelity, representing precisely their lack of interest towards the consequences their actions may bring. The old money, peop le of East Egg, aren't as irresponsible with their wealth, and know how to handle what they have. Posted on. I think he chose the east to represent old money because in America all of the people who came from old money would live in the east. Gatsby is forced to look across the water from his house in west egg while Tom and Daisy get to lavishly live in east egg. Fitzgerald, , p. Daisy represents old money, as well as all the social benefits and luxuries this social status had.
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Old Money vs New Money in “Great Gatsby” Essay Example