Europe africa and the americas in 1492 to 1750 essay

triangular trade

However, these changes these changes did not occur without continuities. By the 18th century, Europeans had claimed large territories in the Americas, land which had previously been ruled by the natives, and began to colonize the land document six.

analyze the social and economic transformations that occurred in the atlantic

This export of materials was a great advantage to the mother countries because it means the mother countries could dedicate their land and time to other issues. The triangle trade was one of the most notable of these trade routes considering that it lead to so many things that affected the world because it was a trade route that connected Europe to Africa to the Americas.

Take the bow for example, whether being used to hunt, wield in battled, or just to showcase skill, man has been using the bow for decades since the first bows were crafted.

This trade route would be a major cause of economic change on the world because of its use to trade slaves, raw material produced in the Americas by those slaves, and along with silver from the mines of the Americas which were shipped to Western Europe.

In the years of throughmany questionable choices and things occurred due to the use of new trade routes that both furthered and damaged the economy in different regions of the world, mainly Western Europe.

analyze the cultural and political changes and continuities

Africans, even noblemen and their sons, would be taken from their homes in the middle of the night by Whites and forced into slavery; This shows that even their social status had no effect on whether or not they would be enslaved document four.

For example, advances in technology, such as the creation of the magnetic compass, drastically changed exploration. Rights and conditions of the slaves also did not change; they had no freedom, no rights, and no say, because they were still considered property by the Spanish and Portuguese.

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Europe Africa And The Americas In To Essay Example