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It is noted that Americans had not witnessed the moonwalk, a move that was customary by hip hop in the s, thus, Michael became a link in propelling hip hop dance into ordinary American culture. There are others who even back towards the ancient African societies who boasted about griots, and these were the men and women of the group who were walking containers of their people's history.

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Traditionally, talented dancers embraced these styles to demonstrate hip hop dances that was often performed on the streets. Present B.

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Local dances were performed on outdoor jams where crowds would respond vehemently to the prodding of the Dj to show engagement in the dance style. Also, being a form of entertainment, hip hop dance should be tailored to advance valuable content or information to varied audiences. Popping is another type of hip hop dance. Since the beginning of civilization music has greatly progressed. A crowd dotted with Pinoys rocking gear ranging from grills to backpacks, FlipTop represents a space for the raw and grime of Philippine hip hop. This commercialisation of Hip-Hop lies at the root of many changes to the culture from the early s, primarily the uplifting of Hip-Hop from its communities and artistic agenda to be used as an apparatus for capitalism. A large portion of hip-hop in The Hip Hop Culture words - 9 pages. These elements are: dance, which is also called breaking or break dance, graffiti which is also known as writing, rapping and DJing. The experts would organize music among crowds in parks, at block parties and at other places by playing the breakdown parts of funk songs, and mixing different songs together on turntablesso which ensured that the music never stopped. How to cite this essay Choose cite format:. The winners take with them the pride in their skill.

There is no material gain at stake here. Hip-hop History Break dance was derived from several dance styles and included elements of Brazil's capoeira, other types of martial arts, and was on occasions combined with other hip-hop styles such as locking and popping.

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I used to have a dance group with my best friends for a while when I was A large portion of hip-hop in The Hip Hop Culture words - 9 pages. For instance, Step Up 3D is a hip hop movie, features breaking as the main type of dance performed.

When watching Flex is Kings, there are many young men in a video demonstrating what hip hop dance culture has evolved to in the 21st century. It has enjoyed popularity among young people all over the world.

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