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Government must take initiatives to invoke and promote the feeling of oneness among citizens. They believe in and practice different religions and have varied life styles. It is possible only through the unity and harmony of the people. The Indian society was and is divided in terms of religion, caste, language and ethnic origin. Any religious community should not do anything bad which is banned or prohibited in other religious community. The introduction of National Integration Week by the government of India is an attempt to promote brotherhood and oneness among the citizens of the country. Image Courtesy : wa2. The government must take some stringent steps to promote national integration and people must support it to strengthen the nation and give a better future to the coming generations. We should live and think equally as well as follow all the rules and regulations by the Indian government for the ultimate development of our country. For instance, the Jharkhand movements which involved tribal groups from Bihar, M. Moreover, the day-to-day humiliation, denial of justice, human rights violations, various kinds of exploitation and political marginalization prompt them to join the Naxalite movement. As a compromise the Act of allowed the continued use of English for official purposes without any time limit. The account of the unity of India should not be taken to mean that we have always had a smooth sailing in matters of national unity, with no incidents of caste, communal or religious riots. India is a big country having vast population of various creed and castes.

There is a high degree of disintegration exists among Indian people which make a bad present scenario here with communal and other problems.

I am proud of its glorious traditions and that I will always strive to make myself worthy of my country. National integration is extremely essential to maintain peace and prosperity of a country.

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Such a pride is exhibited in their ethnonational feeling. Conclusion National integration plays a key role in building a nation. While the Constituent Assembly declared Hindi as the official language, it was provided that English would continue to be used for official purposes of the Union government for a period of 15 years. Image Courtesy : 2. In order to make people aware of it completely, it is celebrated as an event every year on 19th of November birthday anniversary of first woman Indian prime minister, Indira Gandhi as National Integration Day means Rastriya Ekta Diwas and National Integration Week means Quami Ekta Week from 19th of November to 25th of November. Government must take initiatives to invoke and promote the feeling of oneness among citizens. A unique feature of our country is that all the major religions of the world are practiced here such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Zoroastrianism. We should identify ourselves as people of India not as from particular religion or caste. Independence Day, Republic Day, and Gandhi Jayanti are festivals that are celebrated by all Indians and in all parts of the country, regardless of language, religion or culture. Groups of people in India differ from each other not only in physical or demographic characteristics but also in distinctive patterns of behavior. Communalism Communalism has been one of the most complex problems that India has been facing. Geographically, our land is diverse and there are amazing differences in climate. It is thus essential for the overall development of a nation. A National Integration Council has been set up to consider issues related to national integration and recommend suitable measures to be taken. Although nationhood is denied to the Nagas, the Nagas understand themselves as nation in the sense of ethnonationality.

It makes people aware about the necessity of Rastriya Ekta by bringing equality among people of different culture, race, cast and religion. Importance of National Integration National integration is of utmost importance for any nation. It never means kind of oneness should be here because of racial and cultural similarity, it means that oneness instead of great differences here.

India is famous for its unity in diversity but it is not true as people here are not ready to accept others opinion for development.

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Along with these factors some new challenges have emerged during last decades. This feeling of oneness binds the people together in to a nation. One example of this is the opposition in the Southern States to Hindi as the national language. We need to understand the real meaning of the unity in diversity in India. Communalism Communalism has been one of the most complex problems that India has been facing. Extremism The extremist movements going on in different parts of the country are yet another challenge to national integration. Ethnonationalism is a phenomenon of political movement launched on the basis of ethnic identity. They never think by getting together about their country. Assurance of good and impartial administration, equal treatment for every citizen, in fact and not merely in law, based on the integrity of the public services; and 5. India is a country of immense diversity. The real meaning of the integration is combination of various parts to make it one.

Politically, India is now a sovereign State. The composite culture model provides for the preservation and plurality of cultures within the frame work of an integrated nation. There is also conflict between Marathi and Kannada-speaking people in Belgaum.

Language has become, especially since Independence, a powerful source of political articulation. Geographically, our land is diverse and there are amazing differences in climate.

Social inequalities have a disintegrating effect on the process of nation-building.

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