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Applicants and prospective students may not request interviews.

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Candidates must complete application materials for the programs by November 15th, and finalist will be notified, along with their admissions acceptances, by February 15th.

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If you answer yes, you will be prompted for the month and year you applied. Applicants do not need to be nominated by a high school counselor to be considered. You must also complete the Emory supplement.

Emory scholars program essay prompt

A student may be selected as a finalist for the Emory Scholars Program and also be admitted to Oxford College or vice versa. Next, you will select your preferred major or program within that field.

Counselors may still submit a supplemental recommendation letter should they choose to. There are five prompts.

Emory scholars 2023

You may select undecided for any of these if you are not sure what you want to study yet. Loved the article? The application deadline for Early Decision I is November 1st, and you will receive your admissions decision by December 15th. October—January Applications reviewed by admission and faculty committees. Contact us to learn more about our College Application Guidance Program today! Learn more about the Goizueta Scholars program. Whether or not a candidate receives an invitation depends on location and timing, and does not have any bearing on the likelihood of acceptance to Emory. This allows our office enough time to review your application with our timeline. There are a limited number of smaller merit-based scholarships beyond the scholar programs. Find out more Emory Scholar Programs Emory Scholars, at Emory College of Arts and Sciences, offers merit scholarships, unique programming, a strong Scholars community, and early class registration, among many great benefits. Some schools adjust grades for courses at these levels to compensate for their rigor. Applicants can choose to apply to a specific campus, or choose not to have a preference. Emory University is a private research university with two campuses in Atlanta and Oxford. Students may apply to be Emory, Oxford, or Goizueta Scholars, and those chosen as Goizueta Scholars are automatically admitted to the Business School in their junior year of college.

The Regular Decision application deadline is January 1st, and you will be notified of your admissions decision by April 1st. The Scholarship For all 3 different scholar programs, applicants are applying for a full-tuition scholarship that is eligible for renewal for every year, up to 8 regular academic semesters.

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