Discrimination in the criminal justice system essay

No real debate about that.

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Society today even depicts people of color as criminals in all novels and comic books while white characters play the victim. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Leslie Reid explains what her research says on social control and how that ties to capital punishment in history.

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Among those actually convicted of a felony, African Americans were more often sentenced to prison and had longer sentence lengths than Whites. For example, only about a quarter of minorities use drugs which is almost the same rate as whites; however blacks are four times as likely as whites to be arrested on drug charges.

How do you treat everyone as equal without them being equal in education, race or gender though? Yet whites and blacks engage in drug offenses, possession and sales, at roughly comparable rates - according to a report on race and drug enforcement published by Human Rights Watch in May We are all entitled to safety.

Trials are rare. During the early twentieth century, lynching was used to control the labor of blacks in the south Racial inequality and discrimination seems to be a permanent fixture within the criminal justice system, and the juvenile justice system is no exception when it comes to that form of injustice.

Banks, Cyndi.

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Racial Discrimination in the U.S. Justice System Essay