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Although people are aware of the negatives behind these foods, they still make the conscious decision to consume them. DairyNZ said this was all proof its Water Accord to make farms cleaner was working.

The lakes and rivers which form the backdrop to many tourist promotions are at risk of algal blooms because of high nutrient loadings mainly from dairy farmstreated sewage and industrial waste.

Meat and Wool NZ chairman Mike Peterson says although there's a tendency in our isolation to focus on the negative, the reputation of New Zealand produce remains extremely good overseas. Effluent had entered tributaries of the Whataroa River. Shayne O'Shea, who farms on the Mangere River west of Whangarei, said locals there were reaping the environmental rewards.

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The environmentally damaging impacts of dairy and animal welfare concerns will soon make this a much less viable economic activity. Faecal contamination: Threat to mussel and oyster farms. It also changed its approach to monitoring. His speech was intended to justify the watered-down emissions trading scheme - to dairy farmers who, despite being our single worst contributors to emissions, had been let off lightest. Phil Pennington - Phil. But emissions in were 22 per cent higher than in Native birds Kiwi: All five species are in decline and considered threatened. Large corporations are now pushing for factory farm techniques - with cows kept indoors for much of the year - threatening the free-range image that distinguishes our meat and dairy products from Northern Hemisphere rivals.

The environment is something that we can't ignore. Water wisdom The average water 'footprint' at the end of a dairy cow's life time is 20,m3, which is considerable. The effluents and fertilizers from farms can then drain through the soil and contaminate ground water or can run off into local a waterway, which significantly increases the nitrogen levels and decreases pH levels in the water affecting the natural environment of the waterway.

The Waikato River has had a long history of water pollution and now fails health regulations for human contact. In addition, nitrous oxide emissions from manure and urine is almost times stronger than CO2. The Tourism Industry Association can afford to be less diplomatic.

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This embraces a diverse range of marine life and ecosystems including subantarctic and subtropical waters, seamounts and inter-tidal estuaries. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. We seem to have a view that any chink in our environment will badly compromise our clean, green image in the eyes of the world. Fish and Game started the " dirty dairying " campaign in to highlight the effect of dairying on water quality. Org, eleven facts are explained regarding factory farming and the environment. And then there is the damage to native flora and fauna. Our marine environment remains something to be proud of. To be fair, there were already a great deal of farmers out there doing their best to manage land responsibly and Fonterra has now taken the first step to bring those who lagged behind into line. The other issue caused by cows trampling through waterways is that the cows push soil into the water which can deprive organisms such as plankton in the water from light which could destroy a waterways food cycle. New Zealand is a marine mammal and seabird hotspot. Fonterra has a large bias in the issue of dairy farming and the pollution of waterways and have created a dedicated website promoting the pollution reduction initiatives that have been put in place by the company. Mr Hackwell also took aim at the opposite approach by Waikato Regional Council: it made pre-announced visits to just 10 percent of farms last year, the lowest of any council despite Waikato having a quarter of all dairy farms. That is fact. This article appeared in the Asia section of the print edition under the headline "Cows and seep".
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Essay about The Effects Of Dairy Farming On The Environment