Culture touches in twilight in delhi

Every character, detailed in the novel,elucidatesthis specific theme.

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After all in his short story Two Sides of the Picture he would show the work and moral turpitude of people on Mir Nihal. There is a poetic account of the anger that is felt by the residents of Delhi at not only what the British are doing to its landscape, but at the imminent demise of a culture and a way of life with the construction of a new Delhi outside the old city.

socio cultural elements and symbolism in twilight in delhi

Ali's realistic mode of expression in describing the relation of plot and character is remarkable. When we go through the novel, we find that the writer has used the art of characterization as a nice tool to realize his end.

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His marriage life is the decline, downfall and the decay of her character in the novel. To sum up the discussion, we can say, Ahmed Ali has used direct as well as indirect way of describing the characters.

She weaves beautiful dreams about her would be husband.

Culture touches in twilight in delhi

Soon after the marriage they have a little girl named Jehan Ara. Thus the plot construction in Twilight in Delhi, is nothing but remarkable. After Mir pursues it off, Asghar arrives home. Britishers offered change to their style of living and the administration structure however he needs to live as indicated by the past. The once glorious and imperial Muslims, civilization of Delhi give the picture of an endangered or depleting entity. Nihal is fully described. Before discussing about the themes, first of alllet me tell you the definition of theme.
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Twilight in Delhi Characters