Clarkes cosmological argument

leibnizian cosmological argument

The first two criticisms made logical sense to me and proponents refuting them using the PSR seems very weak, even if the PSR is considered valid.

This is means that His own existence can be explained by His own nature—he does not require a cause, just because His mere existence as the cause of every other being, explains His own existence.

One who denies its self-evidence might think that those who hold to it are the ones who experience conceptual blindness. He states [20] that saying 2.

arguments against the cosmological argument

However, if we have included all the dependent beings in the series, there is no dependent being to which we can attribute the series' existence. Further discussion is in Oppy — Rowe takes the conditional as necessarily true in virtue of the classical concept of God, according to which God is free to decide whether or not to create dependent beings.

A collection formed by successive synthesis is not an actual infinite.

Criticism of cosmological argument

Any future event lies at a finite temporal distance from the present. In Timaeus , Plato posited a "demiurge" of supreme wisdom and intelligence as the creator of the Cosmos. If we push backwards far enough, we find that the universe reaches a state of compression where the density and gravitational force are infinite. The logical problems with the actual infinite are not problems of incoherence, but arise from the features that are characteristic of infinite sets. Therefore, Clarke can eliminate the first explanation and state that there must have been such a Being, independent and self-existing, for the all the other dependent beings to exist. Rowe didn't agree that the argument proves its conclusion because the Principle of Sufficient Reason can't be proved. A finite series that has the potential for further members, as with future events beginning with now, is actually finite and only potentially infinite. Heil suggests that nothing might be a precursor to the Big Bang. First, questions about existence are more nuanced than usually addressed Heil Since these attributes are unique to God, anything with these attributes must be God.

Sometimes the totality has the same quality as the parts because of the nature of the parts invoked—the wall is brick composed of baked clay because it is built of bricks composed of baked clay. As a general trend, the modern slants on the cosmological argument, including the Kalam argumenttend to lean very strongly towards an in fieri argument.

Complexity of the Question It is said that philosophy begins in wonder. Pruss responds that being self-evident is not incompatible with providing arguments for self-evident propositions, and he thinks that arguments can show the truth of the PSR to those who deny its self-evidence.

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Dissecting Clarke's Cosmological Argument Essay