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My involvement with the record industry began just as the last LPs were being cleared from the shelves, so I've only made CDs. In the 's until the 's 8-tracks and then cassette tapes became another popular media with which to experience music due to their portability.

The revival hit a peak in — A greater importance was placed on the appearance of musicians and gimmicks became commonplace. Many artists' personal problems including drug abuse and rap feuds overshadowed a lot of the talent during the decade as well, with the death of many popular musicians due to drug overdose and the murders of rappers like Notorious B.

Print Our understanding of the cultural shifts in popular music have largely been reliant on anecdote and history -- memories of journalists who attended Woodstock or fans who followed hip-hop from the start. Inheavy metal saw a new subgenre called deathcorewhich would gain moderate success from to present day.

The band would reunite four years later. Clarkson strayed away from this sound in the late s but continued to make pop rock hits. In addition, some of the most successful pop-punk bands of the s, such as Green DayBlinkWeezer and The Offspring continued their success during the early s.

Inin Ways of SeeingJohn Berger described how, "for the first time ever, images of art have become ephemeral, ubiquitous, insubstantial, available, valueless, free".

how has music changed over the decades essay

Some of the best known examples are Phil Spector 's Wall of Sound and Joe Meek 's use of homemade electronic sound effects for acts like the Tornados.

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The art of noise: how music recording has changed over the decades