Causes and effects of e-waste essay

This concern is justified due to the effects of environmental pollution that e-waste causes. Exposure is caused by proximity to hazardous waste sites and factories and workers in the metal refining industry.

Some of them are discussed in this study. Unfortunately, dangerous medicals and toxic metals inside those devices may leach into the land over time. A cell phone? Electronic pollution is gradually becoming one of the fast-growing pollution issues and countless News articles and case studies regarding e-waste and electronic pollution are spreading like wildfire across the internet.

What is e waste

All these chemicals are persistent bioaccumulative toxins PBTs that create environmental and health risks when computers are incinerated, buried in landfills, or melted down. E-waste or electronic waste is referred to any kind of electronic device that have been discarded or devices that have been thrown away. In the U. Solution: Solution to e-waste requires proper planning and efforts. Conclusion: Prosperity and the evolution of the present and the coming generation, lies in the right planning over environmental issues. Responsible electronics recycling reduces environmental and human health impacts, increases the use of reusable and refurbished equipment and reduces energy use while conserving limited resources. When released into the environment, it can create sulfuric acid through sulfur dioxide. These never-to-be-used again products are called E-waste.

When thrown away, they end up in landfill, incinerators or more recently, are exported to Asian countries to recycle. According to the U. Studies should be conducted to find the alternate of the harmful materials used in the electronic industry.

e waste problems

The more electronics we discard, the greater the environmental and health dangers for everyone. To make recycling competition more cost-effective, the producers agreed that there needs to be a higher drive for competition because it allows them to have a wider range of producer responsibility organizations to choose from for e-waste recycling.

E-Waste Component. E-waste is still the fastest growing municipal waste stream in America, according to the EPA.

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Causes and Effects of E