Bibliography of cellphone

Pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic field affects human sleep and sleep electroencephalogram. Epidemiological evidence for a health risk from mobile phone base stations. Dasdag, S et al, Daily Mobile. Short-term exposure to mobile phone base station signals does not affect cognitive functioning or physiological measures in individuals who report sensitivity to electromagnetic fields and controls. Environ Health They would be great bases for papers pertaining to the subject because along with the data they present, they also acknowledge positive attributes that have been found in association with over-usage of cellphones; this signifies that they refrain from bias in their work. Most people have become incapable of separating themselves from their smartphones or technological devices for even more than 5 minutes. She uses the example of a little boy focusing on a cell phone screen during dinner. Pew Internet. II Immunostimulating effects of microwaves and naturally occurring antioxident nutrients.

Effects of everyday radiofrequency electromagnetic-field exposure on sleep quality: a cross-sectional study. This article could bring my research paper to a higher level.

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Microscopy Research and Technique Consequently, it would not be the optimal basis for a paper pertaining to this subject even though it is an insightful perspective against the overuse of cellphones.

This primary source was great for comparing the facts of how many compueters were sold compared to how many cell phones were sold.

Whole-body microwave exposure emitted by cellular phones and testicular function of rats. Santini R et al, This was a good primary image of Mark Zuckerburg, the creator of Facebook. Cell phones are the most widely recognized case yet representatives additionally take their own Tablets, Laptops and USB crashes into the working environment.

With this being such an informative speech that the author seems to be very passionate about, it still only brings in a somewhat narrow perspective on the subject.

Bibliography of cellphone

Leszczynski, D et al, Trosic, I et al,

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