Best twitter campaign case studies

Mentions peaked at over 1, in just 24 hours on August 20th when Justin Bieber took the challenge twice in one weekend to raise awareness. Your social campaigns mean a lot to people. Google Maps even uses color to draw your eyes to what is relevant, as they did with this pink Valentines Day update.

It was one of the first examples of combining TV advertising with social media to great effect.

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To truly be successful, you need to make a strategy around creative, relatable and uniting content. Braintree also dabbled in promoting the CodeAsCurrency Tweets to broaden the reach of their campaign and bring new people into the fold of their community.

Best twitter campaigns 2018

The campaign was endorsed by celebrities, with many getting involved as shown below in the most mentioned tweeters. Outside of work, Rachael is an avid squirrel enthusiast and massive meme-aholic! Their response was to create The Nice Bot , a bot with a difference. In exchange for their twitter community figuring out some entry-level code, Dark Matter agreed to provide free coffee. Whether your goal is to drive awareness or engagement, Twitter is a good place to start. Often you see campaigns that require you to connect with an app, perform a task and then auto-tweet it to promote a good cause, but this is simply fun, quick and quirky and a great way to spread awareness. The format of these tweets vary from picture, to GIF to video, yet the content all looks eerily similar. This way, rather than having one off campaigns, you can use consistent aesthetics to tie product launches to seasonal moments and virtually any type of content that can fit your visual theme. By putting the spotlight on their own company culture as well as the local businesses, Braintree was able to authentically connect with their community and drive real, in person engagement through social. Gathering data around this was an amazing place for Netflix to start, and the data gave them a large pool for creating owned content. According to their Shorty Awards Entry , they were able to donate a total of , Real Food meals to families in need. Taco Bell Not all brands rely on offering high profile prizes to help drive Twitter engagement. Having gained close to thousand mentions in 24 hours during the campaign, this was dwarfed in by over thousand tweets and over 1. CAB instead created a bot that would only tweet positive messages.

The Oscars were chosen as the launch, due to the large volume of conversation around beauty. Instead of focusing on the reliability of their product as they had done in previous campaigns, they focused this time on the psychology of their consumers.

Best twitter campaign case studies

Whether your goal is to drive awareness or engagement, Twitter is a good place to start. They sought to partner up with local Chicago brands, such as Dark Matter Coffee. The use of a short video is a great way to tease for attention while still providing enough context that you can understand the update at a glance. As shown throughout this report, that gives brands the opportunity to create campaigns that activate their consumers in ways previously unimaginable. Here are five Twitter campaigns to follow for inspiration: 1. The application is run via a microsite that puts all your unused Twitter characters to good use, by filling them out with messages that promote the cause : The site is incredibly easy to use. This is due to its evolution as a paid platform for hire to advertise your business and brand. Sometimes it can be as simple as checking in with your audience in a creative way. This mutualistic partnership brings awareness to both brands, brings people from offline to in-store, and positions Braintree to be the leader in accepting any type of currency. Advertise 5 Intriguing Twitter Marketing Case Studies Twitter is a fantastic tool for engaging with a large and influential audience. When Twitter Changed Marketing Over the last ten years, Twitter has dramatically shifted the marketing landscape. Google Maps even uses color to draw your eyes to what is relevant, as they did with this pink Valentines Day update. It encouraged a competitive spirit, with each participant trying to make their video more amusing, absurd or outrageous than the last.

The good thing about this campaign is that it requires very little from the user.

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5 successful Twitter marketing campaigns you should know about