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Analysis: Assess the strengths of competitors best practice companies and compare Xerox's performance with that of its competitors. Throughout this period the establishment of benchmarks helped to identify and sharpen activities so as to achieve this.

Process benchmarking- this method used by the companies to improve their particular key processes by comparing it with best practice organization which is performing same process. The program arranged orders in a specific sequence that allowed stock pickers to travel the shortest possible distance in collecting goods at the warehouse.

Functional benchmarking- it is also called as generic benchmarking.

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Creating a movement for change - the Centurion programme. The company also found that the Japanese could produce, ship, and sell units for about the same amount that it cost Xerox just to manufacture them.

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In addition, Xerox's products had over 30, defective parts per million - about 30 times more than its competitors.

Managers gave information, answered questions and made decisions - on the spot. This is also possible between different branches of same company located at different location.

The increased speed and accuracy of order filling achieved by Bean attracted Xerox. It ignored new entrants Ricoh, Canon, and Sevin who were consolidating their positions in the lower-end market and in niche segments.

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