Are friends more important then family essay

One reason: people can keep the friendships that make them feel good and move on from the ones that don't. This is particularly true for young people, whose character and personality are still malleable.

family more important than friends quotes

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But friends can also resemble family by driving you crazy in similar ways.

the importance of family and friends in your life

All of them teach a lot of important lessons. Posted by. I'm Anna Matteo.

Best friends importance

They found the importance of friendship on health and happiness grows as people get older. Your friends will tell you not to say anything, but you will feel guilty. You can make friendship with your colleagues, mates from course or school. We meet family members every day. Furthermore, they both love and care about us unconditionally, and we all have for them a very special place in our hearts. Which view do you agree with? And now to continue my argument, Friends enhance our social life in many ways that your family doesn't. For instance if people think you are intelligent but you are not, then that is a good thing because they highly respect you.

We can be always honest to them, without being ashamed, because they will never judge us, and they will just try to help us in solving our problems. Good afternoon, Ladies and gentlemen, May I point that because your family are legally responsible for you, you take each other for granted.

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Friendship: Friends May Be More Important Than Family