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Summary Extension of the product lines under its simplicity and leadership design strategy enables Apple to sustain its tremendous growth in the information-technology and consumer electronics sector.

With every single new product, there is an expansion in the ecosystem of products and as a result a new created gateway increases the consumer choice of using another Apple product. Parker, A. One internal weakness facing the company is its business approach; called, proprietary operating system, the approach is not working well with previous PCs holders who feel that learning the operating system of the new improved MACs is difficult.

This presents an opportunity for mobile advertisement channels as most organizations seek to retain direct contact with their target customers.

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One another thing is that buyers are more prices sensitive and they can switch to another retailer if the products are not differentiated Smith, Need more Business Essay Examples?

This is one area that Apple Inc. Considering the tough economic times strangling the disposable incomes of consumers, Apple risks losing loyal customers in India and China as they switch to cheaper brands from competitors Jurevicius, Haberbeg, A.

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This essay will argue that it is a perfect Analysis Of Apple Inc. The company sustains this through handpicked design teams that commit on a mentality that extend beyond the completion of the project within the stipulated time. Apple faces further changes in management, defects of new products and finally long-term gross margin decline. Economic Factors………………………………………………………………………………………………….. The IPO offered by the company in Datamonitor, The strategic planning is necessary for the company in that it is a technological multinational. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. It has become a leading player in designing and marketing consumer electronics, computer software and distribution of digital media content. Modern Competitive Analysis. On a regular basis, Apple Inc. Apple focuses on user interface and industrial design to making a product that not only the highly innovative but also the user-friendly and stylish in nature. The company also encourages innovation and originality in its products. The company strength is vested in its strong brand name and quality products; the growth in international trade and increased enlightens of world population offers the company growing business opportunities; however the company is facing high competition from similar companies.

Market expansion using the Personal Media Player will offer the company much needed finances to expand and develop strategies in the PC sector.

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Apple Company swot analysis Essay Example