An overview of components of computer networking

Network hardware components

Using the physical device addresses in each incoming messages, it delivers the message to the correct destination or port. Fiber-optic cable Optical fiber is a high-speed cable which transmits data via light beams uses laser or LED light instead of electrical pulses in glass bound fibers. Cellular modem is employed when the cellular data mobile network 3G and above is used to access the internet, usually provided by cellular mobile operators. On the other hand, microwave and satellite transmissions, both travel through the air, which has no boundaries, hence called unbounded transmission. They are dedicated servers and non-dedicated servers. Suppose there are 24 workstations in a network generates a same amount of traffic. If the destination is on the other side of the bridge, the bridge transmits the packet into the traffic on that cable segment. The router portion links the network to the Internet and the switch portion allows the computers to communicate with each other and to the internet.

Gateway Two different networks can be connected using a gateway. Usually, a smaller number of devices can be connected to this type of network.

Reliability: If the server has stopped functioning, the network goes down, but no other networks are affected that are served by the router.

hardware and software components of computer network

Dinesh authors the hugely popular Computer Notes blog. Network Hardware These are the devices used to interconnect the components of the network, basically the network cards, the cabling between servers and workstations, as well as the cables to connect the peripherals.

Switch A switch is a hardware device that connects multiple devices on a computer network.

Components of network architecture

Novell Netware and Windows NT are the two network operating systems that run on a server machine. Network administrators often use bridges to split the big networks into several small networks. Based on the differences in speed and transmission rate, a modem can be classified in the following categories: Standard PC modem or Dial-up modem Cellular Modem. In general, the hub network is a passive device. Cable is one transmission media which can transmit communication signals. For instance, on the Internet, email providers utilise their servers to store the messages users send while web hosts use servers to hold all of the data that a web page displays to visitors. In Summary Implementing a network at an office or home, these are the essential computer network components needed however depending on the circumstance some of the devices can be discounted. Wide area network contains many repeaters.

Network administrators often use bridges to split the big networks into several small networks. Hub - Hub is a device that splits a network connection into multiple computers.

All modern laptop computers incorporated wireless NIC in addition to the wired adapter.

components of network diagram

Each device in the network would then work out if the broadcast data is for them or just drop it if it is not. As Wide Area Network uses the existing telephone network to connect to a distant network, it always uses a modern to dial-up the telephone network.

types of computer network

Ethernet also frequently uses repeaters to extend the length of the bus. There are two types of servers typically employed in a local area network.

This consumes more bandwidth on the network and limits the amount of communication.

An overview of components of computer networking

Today, Computer Networks, are the core of modern communication. However, the actual transmission speed is determined by the LAN speed. Modem Another significant network component is modern. Novell Netware and Windows NT are the two network operating systems that run on a server machine. Routers are similarly employed to link one local area network LAN to another, often across long distances through commercial carriers. It retimes, regenerates, strengthens the digital data, and sends them on their way again. Local Operating System - A local operating system allows personal computers to access files, print to a local printer, and have and use one or more disk and CD drives that are located on the computer. If not, the request will be dropped. When a computer requests information from a network or a specific computer, it sends the request to the hub through a cable. In most cases, recent routers also include a switch which in other words can be used as a switch. Network Operating System - The network operating system is a program that runs on computers and servers that allows the computers to communicate over the network.
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List of computer network components