An introduction to the history of the rocky horror picture show

To Brad and Janet's horror, the sight of a half-eaten Meat Loaf under a glass tabletop alerts them to the fact that they've been dining on Eddie in more senses than one.

Frank-N-Furter, soon makes a grand entrance and whisks the party away to his lab. Everett von Scott. Filming began at the old Hammer lot at Bray in Berkshire, with the main location being nearby Oakley Court, a Victorian Gothic mansion previously owned by 19th century politicians and grandees, and used in countless Hammer Horror productions.

The Strand cast was put together from former members of an early Berkeley group, disbanded due to less than enthusiastic management. It has reflections of the past in it. People went to Rocky Horror live shows as a safe haven, a place they could express themselves where they weren't being judged, they were being celebrated.

Perhaps more significantly, Jonathan King, lured in by a positive review from the Mail's Jack Tinker, saw the second night, and promptly became one of the show's financial backers along with impresario Michael Whitesigning the cast up to his UK Records label to rush-release the soundtrack album.

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Or at least, they wouldn't have been, just five years earlier. Suddenly, a tyre has a blowout, whereupon Brad and Janet ignore the first rule of horror: if you break down in the woods, don't get out of the fucking car.

Frankenstein Place is the home of Dr. After the liberal gains of the Harold Wilson era, which had seen the relaxing of abortion laws and the decriminalisation of homosexuality in addition to the Theatres Actthe socially-conservative Edward Heath was now Prime Minister.

It gave the squares permission to be temporarily un-square in a socially-acceptable context, in much the same way that Hallowe'en turns everyone into a goth once a year.

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Source And it allowed people to revel in the genre-bending fun of sci-fi, horror, musicals and coming-of-age drama at a time when the word "genre" was synonymous with "shlocktastic bad taste.

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