An interiror monologue about pain and suffering

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There have been many papers and many different thoughts about the play. Within the first half of the novel, the reader watches Robert transform himself from being happy-go-lucky with no cares at all in the world to a man devoted to his mission and thereby becoming a true picture of true Victorian manliness Through the personification of nature, a vivid glimpse into a lady doomed by her fate If you look out the window, you will see a big green field.

Otto Plath published a book about bees early in Sylvia's life, and he kept bees, which was an n activity later carried on by his daughter More and more people were interested in the industry of man rather than the uniqueness of nature, and progress of society proved that man was made to dominate and take everything for himself Thus, the field deals with numerous factors and affects almost everyone in some way.

Would those eyes tear up?

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An Interiror Monologue About Pain and Suffering