An analysis of the poem the pool players seven at the golden shovel

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Just think of the title We Real Cool which is long and drawn out, then contrast this with thin gin and sing sin for example, before the last line again reverts to long vowels, We die soon.

You probably associate shovels with hard, manual labor, which is one thing the seven guys are definitely not doing. There's a problem with this paper. They have no sense of themselves and are not aware of the importance of education, which will sooner or later become their downfall.

Therefore, they skip and find solace and pleasure at a pool facility. Racial tensions were at a height during the decade with civil rights leaders pushing for de-segregation in the South.

Pool player poem

And when they sing sin does this mean they are going against all the religious truths they were brought up with? The mortality that Brooks addresses could be an indicator of the times that it was written in along with the fast life that the boys live in their enjoyment of skipping school, singing sin and drinking gin. Brooks has also gone on the record of saying that the seven pool players in the poem are fighting the establishment with their rebellious actions. The poem is not too long to induce monotony. This poem brings with it a kind of ambiguity - the lifestyle of these players is questionable to say the least. This strengthens the bonds between the pool players and brings a sense of bravado and chest beating. The teenagers are obviously not too fond about attending school. The word jazz suggests flashy, eccentric, stylish, abstract - and also spirit, energy, spunk - this is the macho world the gang have entered, willingly or not. Lupe Fiasco referenced this poem at the end of a freestyle he performed at Eastern Michigan University in This is a group of outsiders who prefer pool to school, dropping out to serious study; late alcoholic nights out on the street seem much more preferable to dull nights in. You can listen to one such interview on Poets. They are lazy, and their tool of choice is a long, light pool cue, not a shovel. Origin[ edit ] In an interview Brooks stated that her inspiration for the poem came from her walking in her community and passing a pool hall full of boys. She states that the establishment is represented by the month of June.

In the same interview Brooks explains how the poem has even been banned in some areas due to the use of the word "jazz" due to a perceived sexual nature. She states that the establishment is represented by the month of June.

Even though the poem was written init mirrors the situation of today, for many young boys and even young girls skip school every day — not to mention those who dropout. And what about that ever present We?

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The reader becomes acutely aware of this special line break as the poem progresses. Did you find something inaccurate, misleading, abusive, or otherwise problematic in this essay example?

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The Message of Gwendolyn Brooks' We Real Cool