An analysis of the poem sailing to byzantium by wb yeats

Summary of Stanza III Addressing the sages standing in god's holy fire in Byzantium, the poet says: "O sages who are standing in God's holy fire in the same way as a figure stands in the gold mosaic work inlaid work of small pieces of different colored marble, glass, etc.

Metaphor The whole poem is a metaphorical journey to the ideal city of Byzantium. Gyre means a circular or spiral motion of form. There are two analytical interpretations of this poem in this article.

Then he says he would be like the golden bird to awake the king or he would sit in the golden bough to sing the stories of past, present and future to the people who would come to the holy city of Byzantium. This poem represents a picture of voyage from the material world to the holy city of Byzantium.

sailing to byzantium second stanza

The past, present, and future, will all be one because the speaker will live for eternity. It is also interesting to consider when Yeats wrote this poem: he wrote it fewer than ten years before his death, which means he was an old man.

Sailing to Byzantium That is no country for old men.

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Sailing to Byzantium