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Students in your class have to do a final presentation on how they might do a public transportation analysis and how they would fix things.

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So what are your ideas for making that happen on the Green Line? Figure 3 Boston's subway cars and buses are very old, even when compared to other legacy systems. It seems you stop every couple of hundred feet. Share of commuters using non-car modes of transport American Community Survey, 1-Year Estimates, The average age of an Orange Line car is At the time, it was one of the largest street rail operations in America. If you take just the B line, how many aboveground stops are there? Do you think Boston can recover from this public transportation disaster? But horsecar travel had its own risks, especially when the horses became ill or were injured. This was such a burden that the Massachusetts Court of Assistance offered a contract to anyone willing to run a ferry between the Shawmut Peninsula now the North End of Boston and Charlestown. That would be amazing.

The Red Line has degraded in quality probably each year for the past 10 years because the trains are getting older. Samantha Silverberg, the MBTA's senior director for capital planning, described the new estimate as a "fundamental reset" in how the authority thinks about its long-term needs, and MBTA officials during a briefing said that they do not believe the two estimates can be subjected to an "apples-to-apples" comparisons.

To better understand subway user experience, MassPIRG recommends the MBTA measure not only how many passengers wait half the scheduled headway, but also how long they spend on the train in excess of their scheduled trip.

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The Green Line expansion to Somerville, if you have a lot of extra money. What was it like working on that big transportation finance report?

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So how do you get to BU and around campus? This was going to happen sooner or later. Oh, God, when my kids were little, we would take it as an amusement ride.

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Regan: If you had a year-old vehicle, do you anticipate it would break down?

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The MBTA vs. Other Legacy Transit Systems: How Do We Compare?