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That said, any liquidity and credit easing would indirectly help the property market. The biggest negative impact of sustained trade tension and higher tariffs from the U.

However, concerns about negative consequences and medium-term financial risk will likely result in a smaller stimulus this round than in the past.

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Meanwhile, domestic demand proved resilient, helped by a dynamic labour market and very easy credit conditions. The capital account followed suit and only recorded two deficits in the last 20 years. Moreover, the larger the stimulus China uses to offset the trade war impact, the bigger its deficit will be, and the faster its external balance will likely shrink. Soft landings are indeed historically rare. The PBOC classifies its regime as a managed floating exchange rate regime based on market supply and demand with reference to an undisclosed basket of currencies. The current account has recorded a surplus in every year since China Walking a tightrope Key points: The changing impact of the Sino-US trade war — from a market shock to a growth shock — is set to create strong headwinds for the Chinese economy in Beijing is under pressure to steer policy towards growth preservation, but its desire not to reverse structural reforms will limit the vigour of stimulus Without a full policy offset, economic growth is expected to slow to 6. In this regard, authorities expressed their willingness to tolerate lower growth rates as a necessary condition to push forward economic reforms. VAT and corporate-tax cuts should help increase corporate earnings but have a limited multiplier effect, as companies are unlikely to expand capital expenditures with tax savings amid a weak economic outlook. The global downturn and the subsequent slowdown in demand did, however, severely affect the external sector and the current account surplus has continuously diminished since the financial crisis. The housing market is traditionally a beneficiary of looser monetary policy. Moreover, China is reportedly considering additional cuts to the value-added tax VAT and corporate profit tax, as well as a cut to corporate contributions to social security. On balance, we expect the US to avoid recession in both and , but the risks are rising in While yuan depreciation can mitigate higher tariffs, it will not fully offset the trade war impact, especially a severe impact on specific sectors and the increased uncertainty, which could lead to cuts and shifts in investment. Credit growth has slowed but remains too fast.

Major emerging market EM economies such as China, Mexico or Russia, got involved into frictions with the US, being imposed either additional tariffs or targeted sanctions. United Kingdom The UK vs. In addition, we think China is sensitive to U. At the Third Plenum of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, held in DecemberDeng announced the official launch of the Four Modernizations—agriculture, defense, industry and science and technology—which marked the beginning of the reform and opening-up policies.

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Meanwhile, consumer spending remains sedate, with falling car sales acting as a drag. In addition, local governments put in place off-budget local government financing vehicles to raise funds and finance investment projects.

This move paves the way for local governments to raise debt in the bond market.

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Starts will likely decline more in while property investment might weaken further. The measures included, among others, breaking down the collective farms, opening up China to foreign investment, encouraging business entrepreneurship, establishing Special Economic Zones and introducing market incentives in the state-owned companies. We continue to believe the bleak implications that the UK would face, if it left without a deal - and particularly without a transition in March - will force a political acceptance of the arrangement that the government has brokered with the EU or a mildly amended version. As an economy highly integrated into the global trade system, the country benefited from a steady improvement in its terms of trade since Although debt is still at manageable levels, an increase in the reliance on shadow banking and the rapid pace of debt accumulation is worrisome. Previous article. Credit growth has slowed but remains too fast. Key points: Following a disappointing , we expect Eurozone economic growth to drop further in and , respectively to 1. More tangibly, the government remains highly sensitive to signs of labour market instability and wants to ensure high levels of job creation and income growth.

We also expect more measures to open up the domestic market to encourage inflows. We expect more stimulus measures as the economy weakens and the trade war escalates further.

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China’s Economic Outlook in Six Charts