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We have been supporting two of her children sinceand continue to do so today, in Good luck to them and thank you to Mr. Many of them are elderly and often sick grandmothers, whose children have died of AIDS, leaving them to care for as many as up to 14 grandchildren.

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The second floor was dedicated to students who are eligible seniors applying for Financial Aid and submitting College Applications, additionally representatives from Kingsborough Community College and NYIT were available. Our amazing volunteers finished their program — so we must say goodbye! Initially, monthly packs of food and basic items were provided for these needy women. In , we were able to help a needy mother set up a small grain selling business. The recent vote to renew our charter term will allow New Dawn to continue to service our unique population through the school year. New Dawn Charter Schools. But for at least half the participants, it was a new world. From time to time, over the years, special initiatives have been organised to assist these impoverished ladies and their wider community. However, this next stage of their education is not free, and these fees are considerable, particularly if the children attend a Boarding School. Benoit for coordinating this wonderful event. Not all children are suitably gifted to go on to an academic education when they have passed out from the Primary School stage, and if funding is available, there are a wide range of opportunities for these children to receive vocational training in a chosen trade. Students participated in a school-wide raffle for attending the most amount of career and college paths creating a sense of fun, creativity, and increased motivation for learning. Phanice comes from an impoverished, one parent family.

New Dawn Charter Schools. She has received special encouragement and follow-ups during the last year, in particular, as she has been preparing for her final examinations.

The organization brings international volunteers to Rahat.

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Initially, monthly packs of food and basic items were provided for these needy women. Kibbutzim are unique collective communities in Israel.

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San Diego Unified School District: New Dawn High School and Day Treatment Program