A description of st benedict and the fear of the lord

There is surely no problem is stating that injustice is injustice.

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Arsenius said of St. Behold, in His loving kindness the Lord shows us the way of life. To be humble in all our exterior actions, by keeping our eyes humbly cast down with the publican, and the penitent Manasses.

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If we consider the example of all the saints, we shall see that prayer was the principal means by which the Holy Ghost sanctified their souls, and that they advanced in perfection in proportion to their progress in the holy spirit of prayer.

Without that attitude, nothing we do will avail. Chapter 4, Verses 67 Now, therefore, after ascending all these steps of humility, the monk will quickly arrive at that perfect love of God which casts out fear I John Benedicti, Ann.

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The weaknesses and failures of others no longer concern us or distract us—for we were never able to judge them anyway. Even so, the Rule of Benedict has crystallized this fundamental teaching in a way that has been effective for many Christians over the past fifteen centuries.

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Interior solitude requires the silence of the interior faculties of the soul, no less than of the tongue and exterior senses; without this, the enclosure of walls is a very weak fence. How many words we use each day that are not really necessary. Can we embrace that evaluation with peace and even with joy. Commentary by Philip Lawrence, OSB, Abbot of Christ in the Desert This step of humility trains us in patience, that wonderful virtue that helps us suffer for the sake of growth. Having arranged the order of the office, let all the rest of the psalms which remain over, be divided equally into seven night offices, by so dividing such of them as are of greater length that twelve fall to each night. Perhaps today it could be added that the understanding of both thoughts and feelings and the wisdom of knowing how to let thoughts and feelings lead us to Christ is the heart of the spiritual life. Saint John Cassian was accused of semi-Pelagianism because of his emphasis on the need to work for salvation. Indeed, nothing more dangerously engages monks in the commerce of the world; nothing more enervates the discipline of abstinence and mortification than for them to eat and drink with seculars abroad. Gregory has given us of his life, it appears that he preached sometimes in neighboring places, and that a boundless charity opening his hand, he distributed among the needy all that he had on earth, to lay up his whole treasure in heaven. Search for:. Maurus saw the same, but Pompeian could not see this vision, by which was represented that the devil studies to withdraw men from prayer, in order that, being disarmed and defenseless, they may easily be made a prey. He therefore left the city privately and made the best of his way towards the deserts. The challenge is for me to look at my life and ask what I do to the community when I act in such a way. This is not low self-esteem, but rather a simple recognition of who I am before the Lord. RB prol.
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Chapter 7: Humility